About Healing In the Light: Holistic Bodywork and CranioSacral Therapy

Healing in the Light: Holistic Bodywork and CranioSacral Therapy provides full body healings for your heart, mind, and body.

Relax your body and soothe your soul with a luxurious massage or therapeutic CranioSacral therapy session.

Heal your heart with our compassionate intuitive coach through an emotional healing session.

And improve your eyesight and get peace of mind with relaxing natural vision improvement sessions.

At Healing In the Light, your health, safety and comfort, is of utmost importance. Massage oils and creams are either certified organic or made using organic methods from reputable companies. The majority of our products are therapeutic-grade created by renowned naturopaths and therapeutic supplement companies (such as Premier Research Labs and Quantafoods Association). If you have an allergy or sensitivity to a specific ingredient, please let us know.

Our massage sheets and blankets likewise are made with organic fabrics. And all massage sheets and blankets are cleaned with eco-friendly, non-toxic detergents.

Our office is likewise cleaned with eco-friendly cleaning products and was painted with non-VOC paint. We are so excited to share our services with you. Look forward to seeing you at our new space soon!

We also use Keshe plasma technology healing devices to enhance client’s sessions and improve the healing potential of a session, when appropriate. Please ask if you are interested in learning more about Keshe plasma technology.