Praise from Clients

“Because I have worn increasingly strong glasses for 60 years, I was skeptical that Myra Lapidus’s Natural Vision Coaching could help me much. Wow, was I wrong. From her, I learned so much about my sight, psyche and body during a series of sessions with her. Her clear explanations, gentle guidance, and brilliant command of activities for me to engage in helped me relax my eyes and strengthen my sight. As I continue to practice what she taught me, I believe that my eyesight will improve, which feels like a miracle to me.”

Larry J. Rosenberg, Ph.D., Sedona, AZ

“Myra is a very magical coach.  She intuitively knew exactly how to work with me, bring out of me what I needed to do to move towards my goals, and coax my commitment to doing what I needed to do. She has a diverse toolbox of activities, techniques, processes, nutrition and supplement knowledge, and other modalities to draw from, and warmly explores with her clients to apply what they’re comfortable with, resonate with, and what is most helpful for them. Myra’s coaching made a profound and positive difference for me and I highly recommend her.” 

Gia Brainerd, Los Angeles, CA

“I had an opportunity to work with Myra after meeting her online. My experience with EFT was very limited and I was curious to work with someone. Myra has a warm and caring manner that put me immediately at ease. She described the process thoroughly and spent considerable time guiding me through it. I learned a lot in the process. After our session I felt empowered to try it more regularly myself. The results have been incredible and I am grateful to have got to work with Myra. EFT is an effective tool, I use it often.” 

Jennifer Waller

“I met with Myra via skypeRelaxation
for a long distance healing session and was immediately aware that I was in the presence of a gifted healer. Myra is a wise, intuitive, holistic healer who was able to appropriately put her finger on the pulse of many long standing issues of mine. I presented her with a deluge of issues I needed to work with, and she seamlessly began to tie them in to one another and relate them in a comprehensive way. 
I have worked with countless ‘healers’ and health care practitioners, and as someone on the same path, feel it is rare to come across those who have a natural and intuitive understanding of the realms of healing and dis-ease. Our session struck some deep rooted chords in me and was very relaxing and healing. I felt a natural shift of energy and relief take place through the process. I highly recommend Myra for her energy and EFT healing!”
Ona Tzar, New York