Ona Tzar, New York

“I met with Myra via skype for a long distance healing session and was immediately aware that I was in the presence of a gifted healer. Myra is a wise, intuitive, holistic healer who was able to appropriately put her finger on the pulse of many long standing issues of mine. I presented here with a deluge of issues I needed to work with, and she seamlessly began to tie them in to one another and relate them in a comprehensive way. 
I have worked with countless ‘healers’ and health care practitioners, and as someone on the same path, feel it is rare to come across those who have a natural and intuitive understanding of the realms of healing and dis-ease. Our session struck some deep rooted chords in me and was very relaxing and healing. I felt a natural shift of energy and relief take place through the process. I highly recommend Myriam for her energy and EFT healing!”